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Peter Bergstrom


BitBlock Founder and CEO Peter Bergstrom has senior level experience of more than 25 years in publishing games as Executive Producer for amongst others, Microsoft Game Studios and Sony Computer Entertainment. Has contributed to 125+ titles resulting in more than $500M in revenues on Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation, Nintendo, PC, iOS, and Android platforms. Has also co-founded and led US console publisher Conspiracy Entertainment and US mobile and Nintendo DS/3DS developer/publisher Giant Mobile (GMG Play). Primary target market(s) – Global.

In 2014, he entered the crypto/blockchain industry by joining the US Bitcoin Foundation as an evangelist and fundraiser. He also started Singapore based BitBlock where he provided advice regarding blockchain architecture and token economic structure design. He also spearheaded cryptocurrency fundraising projects and raised more than $100M for his clients. 

For the last several years, Peter has combined his successful game industry experience with his leading edge crypto/blockchain experience to focus on advising, designing, building, and fundraising for Play-to-Earn (P2E) NFT crypto games projects for the emerging web3 metaverse. He is currently providing expertise and fundraising support through his extensive contact network including 300+ investors, token influencer guilds to several AAA next-gen P2E, GameFi and web3 metaverse projects.

Peter has a BA/MBA in finance, marketing and economics from US schools BYU and Stanford. He has 50k+ targeted crypto/game/financial industry social media followers. Fluent in English, Swedish and intermediate fluency in German.

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