A start-up in stealth mode building a decentralized blockchain app-store governed by smart contracts for developers by developers.

  • Ethereum based smart contracts running input and output of development funding and publishing payments

  • Publishing Android and HTML5 apps through telecoms, high traffic websites and a targeted Giant Mobile website

  • Initial Coin Offering (ICO) crowdfunding to fund app/game title development

  • Investment token trading platform (stock market) for such coins/tokens

Active Bitcoin/Blockchain evangelism, lectures and education. 
Business development for corporate member relations.

Terra Virtua is the first fully immersive, blockchain-driven VR entertainment Platform. It is a unique virtual platform, focusing entirely on immersive VR entertainment, built around a strong community and social connection. Supported by developers, run by industry leaders and secured by blockchain, Terra Virtua is the platform for the next generation and dimension in entertainment and engagement.

Terra Virtua will have its own robust, secure blockchain based economy. Zones, in-game items, skins, upgrades and unique experiences can be bought and sold within Terra Virtua, driven by our token, the Terra Virtua TERRA (TVT). TVT owners will be a vital part of the ecosystem, kickstarting the Terra Virtua economy.

A start-up in stealth mode building a simple airbnb like UI/booking system using decentralized blockchain technology thus voiding the need for central governance and extra middleman fees.

  • A crypto token based co-op system of allocation of work spaces, living spaces, business development support as well as legal and social infrastructures

Building the first technology platform to bring a combination of trust minimized trade, decentralized contract execution, on-chain derivatives and asset backed token issuance to public blockchains.

Paycent is a global mobile dual e-wallet that can be funded by cryptocurrencies (e.g. Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin) with high liquidity and fiat currencies within the same mobile application. This allows the cryptocurrencies holders multiple avenues of spend and straddle the world of fiat and cryptocurrencies. By having integrated fiat and crypto mobile wallets, plus the option of having a debit card linked to Paycent, this opens 200 countries and 36 million points that Paycent is accepted. The full ecosystem of Paycent and Paycent mPOS allows payments for daily household spend such as utilities, cable and Telco airtime. All conversions from cryptocurrencies to fiat will be done in realtime.

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